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File property tax overseas while you drink your coffee

Are you a landlord in a foreign country?

If so, you have probably spent hours trying to understand the tax laws in that state, so that you could file your property tax return.

Owning a property abroad can be hugely rewarding when you have the right help at your side.

If you are earning rental income from your overseas property, you have a tax obligation in the country where your property is located and in your own country.

But have you thought about landlord tax return assistance?

Landlord tax return assistance

Tax can be daunting at the best of times but when you have to navigate the tax laws in a new language, it can be almost impossible to figure it out on your own.

There are so many things to consider – the tax deadlines, the allowable expenses that can reduce your property tax bill, the double taxation agreements, the latest developments in foreign legislation and more!

But filing a property tax return overseas needn’t be a headache!

Property Tax International – PTI offers comprehensive worldwide tax return services for non-resident landlords. We specialise in property tax and have filed over 322,000 tax returns last year. We’ve been dealing with non-resident landlords for years, helping them navigate the foreign tax laws and avoid overpaying property taxes.

Comprehensive worldwide tax return services for non-resident landlords

Imagine if you could:

  • Have fewer worries about being tax compliant in a foreign jurisdiction

Our tax experts will handle your foreign tax return preparation and deal with any conversations with the local tax authorities. They follow all the changes in the local legislation and will make sure that you are tax compliant in each relevant tax jurisdiction.

You will no longer have to deal with the language barriers. We will represent your interests if the tax authorities launch an investigation.

PTI has multilingual support via phone and email. Our tax experts can answer any of your international property tax-related questions.

Our tax experts can answer any of your international property tax-related questions

Reduce your property taxes, save money and maximise profit from your rental property

Our tax team has in-depth knowledge of local tax jurisdictions and they can help you minimise your tax liability.

We will prevent your tax bill from getting out of control by applying every international tax agreement, tax relief, allowable expenses and property tax deductions you are entitled to.

Our services are available in the following countries:

Save time and avoid stress

Yes, tax is complicated, but you don’t need to worry about foreign tax law anymore. We’ve got you covered!

PTI will handle all of the tricky tax paperwork for you. You will have a dedicated tax agent, someone who really understands property taxes.

We will make the filing process easy & fast by helping you file your tax return & pay your property taxes online.

File your tax return & pay your property taxes online

You will no longer have to think about filing tax forms, tax legislation changes and following deadlines. PTI will do it all for you and ensure you maximise your profit from your rental or vacation property!

You will be free to spend your time developing your business or just sit back and drink your coffee.

Eco friendly tax return filing