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What is the history behind PTI? Q&A from our tax team.

When was “Property Tax International” created?

The idea was born in 2006.

We noticed that more and more people were purchasing property abroad and there was a gap in the market for a company that could organise and manage the tax requirements of international property owners.

We wanted to help people who have a property and rental income in France, Germany, Spain, Ireland, the UK, Poland, Hungary and the USA to meet their tax obligations.

Who is the founder of PTI?

PTI is part of The Taxback Group which was founded by Mr. Terry Clune.

Domestic and International property and rental income tax returns

What is behind the expansion of PTI?

Over the years we have accumulated numerous loyal customers who needed our services for more than one financial year. This enabled the expansion of PTI.

As long as they have a property that they rent out, they are obliged to declare this income in the county where the property is located.

Our customers with property and rental income needed professionals who monitor the frequently changing regulations for preparing and filing international tax returns.

What do we want to change/improve with our services?

Regardless of whether an overseas property owner is a PTI customer or not, our mission is to increase awareness of tax filing obligations and requirements.

When did you get your first customers?

Most of our clients are individuals and we have clients for whom we have been filing tax returns since 2006!

Why do our customers with property and rental income recommend us?

Our customers recommend us because we always do our best for them.

Not only do we deal with their tax returns, but we also help them with both their international and local property tax requirements, as well as with various situations related to property tax and communications with the tax authorities.

Why do our customers with property and rental income recommend us?

Why do property owners and companies choose PTI? / What do they gain from PTI?

The first thing they save is time. Monitoring the constantly changing tax laws and requirements of another country takes a lot of time and effort. We take care of this for them. They also save a world of stress.

PTI makes sure that they fulfill all of their tax obligations and our tax experts provide assistance whenever it’s necessary.

In how many countries were the services offered in the beginning? In how many countries are these services available now?

In the beginning, we offered services for Spain, France and Germany. During the first year, we also added Poland, Portugal and Hungary. One year later we started preparing complete tax returns for the UK and Ireland.

How is our international team of experts useful for property owners from different countries?

Along with the services related to the preparation and the submission of the tax return, we always help clients in the communication with tax authorities or property managers.

Based on many years of experience, what short advice would we give on how to prepare a property tax return?

Establish a good filing system so that you can keep every document you need in order to file your return correctly.

International real estate owners with property and rental income can count on PTI!

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