Each country has its own tax legislation, tax assessment rules and tax forms with constantly changing tax rates and calculation methods.

Along with language barriers and regulations governing property ownership, these can make filing your overseas tax returns a difficult and time-consuming process.

Property Tax International can transcend the obstacles with a transparent and efficient international tax return preparation service.

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Foreign Rental Income Tax Return Filing

PTI offers a complete rental income tax return preparation and filing service to cover your furnished, non-furnished or Leaseback property.

At PTI we understand that the international tax system can be confusing especially when you don’t speak the native language! With a multi-lingual team, PTI caters for investors and lifestyle property owners all over the world, to ensure that they are compliant in each of their tax jurisdictions.

This services is provided for the following countries:

French Property VAT Refund

Property Tax International provides specialist tax services to French real estate owners. We will help you claim a VAT refund for your property purchase in France.

We will manage your real estate VAT refund application from start-to-finish.

Ensure that you receive your maximum refund from the French authorities.

This services is provided for the following countries:

Spanish Deemed Property Tax Returns

We help non-resident landlords that own a Spanish house or apartment to prepare their deemed property tax return.

We can also manage double taxation reliefs for UK and Ireland residents.

A deemed tax return is required when the property is not rented out either for a portion of the year or for the entire tax year.

This services is provided for the following countries:

German and Polish Capital Gains Tax Returns Preparation

PTI will help you to prepare your German or Polish Capital Gains Income Tax Return.

Capital Gains Tax (CGT) is payable on the sale of a property. Exactly how much CGT you must pay is dependent on your residency status. The tax is payable on the profit on disposal i.e. the difference between the sale price and original purchase price. Supplementary tax may be added to the CGT liability based on the level of the gain.

This services is provided for the following countries:

French NIL Business Tax Return Filing

You must file this tax return in order to demonstrate to the French Income Tax Department that you fall below the taxable income threshold and therefore did not pay taxes during the year.

This return is obligatory for leaseback lettings if no rental income was received. On occasion, it may also be required for furnished lettings upon request from the tax office.

PTI will help you prepare and file your NIL tax return.

This services is provided for the following countries:

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