Our Expatriate Tax Team helps people with the tax issues that they face upon moving to and working in another country. We will help you navigate the tax and social security responsibilities arising from relocating to other tax jurisdictions.

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We make sure that you comply with all relevant foreign and domestic tax regimes. We will also help you avail of any applicable tax reliefs or exemptions, wherever you are based or whatever your domicile position is. We have a dedicated division for US expats which you can find out more about here.

US Tax Return Filing

Whatever type of tax return you need filed, we can prepare it for you, ensuring full compliance with IRS. We have all the forms waiting for you and will do it all quickly and easily. We offer assistance with all the following:

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  • US Teachers Abroad
  • US Green Card holders Abroad
  • US Retirees Abroad
  • US Expat Entrepreneurs & Business Owners
  • US owners of a foreign business
  • Foreign nationals working in the US
  • Non resident aliens with US income
  • US tax returns for Sportspeople, Artists & Gamers
  • US Citizens Working Abroad

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