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USA Fees

Filing services are offered to non-US residents.

Rental Income Tax Return – €350.00.
This is a complete service covering the necessary federal tax return and annexes (single owner – 1 property), and includes a detailed review of all supporting documents.

State application – 45 euro (where needed, single owner – 1 property).

Tax number service fees or Tax registration – €110.00 per person.

Additional property – €85.00.
This fee is due for 2nd and each subsequent property.

Additional owner – €150.00.
This fee is due where there are multiple owners of a property and applies regardless of whether or not the owners are a married couple. This charge covers the preparation of the additional personal return due.

Capital Gains tax returns
The price will be based upon complexity of case and starts from €500.00

Administrative fee – €20.00.
This fee is obligatory and due for each year of submission. It covers postage, phone calls, photocopying etc.).

Multiple years discount – 10%.
This is available where returns for 2 or more tax years are required. This discount is applicable to the annual fees excluding any once off fees and administrative fee and does not apply where other discounts/reductions have been granted.


1. All fees are inclusive of VAT.
2. Prices are based on provision of information in pre agreed format - a surcharge of 20% may be applied for disorganised files.
3. Prices are based on provision of necessary backup documentation only - the inclusion of unnecessary documentation may result in the application of an additional charge.

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