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Fixed Fee

Most tax returns can be completed on a fixed fee basis, regardless of how many supplementary pages you require.

  • The base fee is £265.00 and this covers the preparation of an income tax return involving business or property income.
  • In addition to our fixed fee structure, if your tax affairs are complicated (e.g. if you have foreign income sources and associate reliefs, share schemes or complex residency issues) or you made any chargeable disposals in the year that were subject to Capital Gains Tax, then our fee will be based on the time taken to deal with the tax return. In most cases, the fee will be no more than £400. We will always advise you of any additional fees before undertaking any work on your behalf, and we endeavour to identify any such fees when undertaking our initial review of your tax position.

An increase of £50 will be applied in the event of an urgent deadline.

What does the Fixed Fee include?

  • Completion of core self assessment tax return form.
  • Completion of all necessary supplementary pages.
  • Calculation of your tax liability or repayment.
  • Submission of the tax return to the Inland Revenue.
  • VAT

What is not included in the Fixed Fee?

  • Obtaining information from third parties
  • Organisation of supporting information, e.g. receipts
  • Tax and planning advice
  • Dealing with Inland Revenue enquiries

In such instances, we may need to increase our fees to cover the additional work involved. An estimate of the cost for this type of work will always be agreed with you in advance.

Exceptional Fees

Exceptions to our fixed fees arise when your tax affairs are especially complicated (e.g foreign income sources and associated reliefs) or you have capital gains tax liabilities. In these cases, the fee will be based on the time taken to deal with the tax return. Normally this will be no more than £325. A brief review of your tax position is needed to give a quote based on your specific circumstances. A quote will be provided in advance.