Property tax services / Spain / Fees

Spanish Fees

Filing services are offered to non-Spanish residents

Initial documents review – €150.00
This fee will apply only once for review of your property related documents for set up of your tax file with PTI.

Spanish Deemed tax Returns – €60.00 (single owner – 1 property)
A deemed tax return is required when the property is not rented out either for a portion of the year or for the entire tax year.

Spanish Quarterly Rental Income Tax Returns – €100.00 per return
This fee applies for single owner for 1 property. A fee of €50.00 for each additional owner is due.

Complex filing fee – €260.00
This is a complete service covering the necessary tax returns (single owner – 1 property), and includes a detailed review of all supporting documents. Half of the fee will apply to each additional owner as to cover necessary separate quarter rental and deemed returns due.

Spanish Capital Gains Tax filing – price will be based upon complexity of case and starts at €400.00.

Registration fee – €90.00
Fee due for tax registration services and applies per individual.

Additional property – €195.00
This fee is due for 2nd and each subsequent rented property.

Documents retrieval fee – €50.00
This fee will apply if you require PTI to obtain some documents on your behalf, excluding bank and mortgage statements.

Administrative fee – €20.00
This fee is obligatory and due for each year of submission. It covers postage, phone calls, photocopying etc.

Assistance with tax payments – €30.00

Multiple years discount – 10%
Available where returns for 2 or more tax years are required. This discount is applicable to the annual fees excluding any once off fees and administrative fee and does not apply where other discounts/reductions have been granted.


  1. All fees are inclusive of VAT.
  2. Prices are based on provision of information in pre agreed format - a surcharge of 20% may  be applied for disorganised files.
  3. Prices are based on provision of necessary backup documentation only - the inclusion of unnecessary documentation may result in the application of an additional charge.